Oregon has a long history of funding great art, honoring great places and history, attracting great filmmakers, and producing great public television. But culture — which benefits every Oregonian — cannot survive without public investment. The recent economic downturn forced major cuts in programs intended to keep culture, heritage, art, moviemaking, and preservation flourishing in Oregon. This lack of state support for art and culture hurts our economy and quality of life, and deprives Oregon’s children of a first-rate education.

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The CHAMP Reinvestment Package will revitalize organizations and agencies in Oregon whose mission is to keep culture thriving, our creative economy strong, and public broadcasting available to all Oregonians. The package includes funding for the Creative Oregon Initiative, which will strengthen the ability of nonprofit art organizations to increase earned income, support artists, grow audiences, and add jobs and revenue to local economies.

CHAMP invests in the Oregon Historical Society and Oregon Public Broadcasting, both of which received no state support the last four years. The Oregon Historical Society funding follows a major reduction in staff and administrative costs. Two-thirds of the OPB funding will pay for equipment required to bring digital broadcasting services to rural Oregon. To protect the character and strengthen the economy of Oregon’s smaller communities, CHAMP invests in the preservation and revitalization of downtowns through the Oregon Main Street Program. There is also funding to support the marketing of Oregon to major Hollywood studios.

The Governor’s recommended 2007-2009 budget includes a $10.6 million reinvestment in the CHAMP programs, but the Ways and Means Co-chairs’ budget reduces this figure by more than two-thirds! Your help is needed to restore the Governor’s full CHAMP funding.

CHAMP ProgramGovernor’s BudgetCo-Chairs’ Budget
Oregon Arts Commission$2,900,000$1,400,000
Oregon Historical Society$2,800,000$1,000,000
Oregon Public Broadcasting$3,750,000$500,000*
Oregon Film and Video Office$414,000$0
Oregon Main Street$750,000$500,000

* Excludes funds allotted for bond debt

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